Wording of a Response

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Wording of a Response


This service includes a one hour interview with a lawyer, writing a Response (Defence) following the receipt of a Claim Application and the organization of your evidence (documentary or testimony).



Upon receipt of a Claim by registered mail or by bailiff, as the defendant, it is essential to file a Response in order to avoid a judgment by default being rendered against you. This document will allow you to state your defense and to present your views to the Judge who will hear the case. The Response consists essentially in responding to the Claim Application. We can help you do that by taking into account the evidence you have.

As part of the Response, you may also request that the Claim Application be heard in another courthouse or even involve another person in the case file. These means, so-called preliminary means, are extras and are not included in the costs of writing the Response. These extras will have to be discussed with your lawyer and will have to be accomplished under a separate mandate.