Wording of a Formal Notice

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Wording of a Formal Notice


Official letter for final notice before commencement of court proceedings. The letter will be signed by a lawyer and sent by registered mail. Before writing it, a form must be completed in order to provide the lawyer with all relevant information. Several tools will be available online directly via the private portal “My Office”.



A formal notice (or default notice) is a correspondence that is sent to another person to make a formal request, for example.

For instance, when a debtor refuses or neglects to pay the money owed, the creditor can appeal through the court system. However, before taking legal action, the creditor must, as a precondition, put the debtor in default. This means that the creditor must notify the debtor of its intention to recover the money owed to him.

Ideally, the notice of default is sent by registered mail or by some other method that allows the creditor to obtain proof of receipt by the debtor. The notice of default and the proof of its receipt are then submitted to the Court’s file for use as evidence.