Our Packages

Business Law

Articles of Incorporation / Resolutions / Minute Book / Registration at the Registraire des entreprises

Reasonable notice of terminaison

Have you been dismissed without a just and sufficient cause after two (2) years of continuous service? Come and meet us to establish and negotiate with your former employer a reasonable period of leave.

Rental Board

Whether at the level of the landlord or the tenant, we offer competitive packages for representation at the Rental Board.

Family Law

You want to divorce amicably and thus avoid the negative impacts of a court battle, we offer packages related to joint divorce or draft agreement.

Real Estate Law

Our packages include the drafting of an indivision agreement as well as the evaluation of a claim in case of hidden defects.


We offer coaching services for international students who wish to study in Canada and for those who simply want to visit or obtain permanent residence in Canada.

Our Methodology

We are able to offer you low priced packages due to the fact that we have set up a structure that allows you to participate and contribute to your goals. The key to success lies in a methodology that we use. In the age of new technologies, it is now possible to obtain advice and counseling services in terms of support throughout the process. You therefore remain in control of the mandate that you give us, in addition to make substantial savings. This methodology fits well with the new guiding principles of our civil procedure code in Quebec.