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Our Vision

Our biggest desire is to improve the accessibility to the justice for all. We are convinced that the fact to offer packages and support services are useful and relevant way to acheive our goals. The Small Claims Court is convenient to solve dispute because of the simplicity of the procedure as well as the low costs associated with the judicial stamps. Not only do we want to help people, but also we want to convince the lawyers and other consultants that it is possible to work and to succeed without charging exaggerated fees.

Our Mission

Lexpro Consultants’s mission is to link, via an online platform, lawyers and the committed public, or anyone who wishes to engage in the court process. Its mission is also aimed at people who wish to obtain justice at a lower cost by offering packages. In the era of new technologies, our online platform will become not only a way to help people demystify the law, but also a way for lawyers to give their time for a social cause.

Our Values

Integrity – Transparency – Respect – Generosity

Some Featured Packages

All Included

This is a package for those who wish to obtain  services support at the Small Claims Court. This package includes:

Writing a Formal Demand

Writing a Court Application OR a Response

Five (5) Cases Law Research

Argument Plan

Three (3) 60-minute Interviews with an Lawyer

(See details in the shop)

Business Incorporation

This package includes:

Creation of Articles of Incorporation

Organizational Resolutions

Book of minutes

Registration with the Registraire des Entreprises

(See details in the shop)

Representation at the Régie du Logement

This package includes:

An initial one-hour interview

Preparation of evidence

Representation at the Régie (max 3 hours)

(See details in the shop)

Application for a Study Permit

This package includes:

Case Analysis

Preparation of administrative request

Follow-up of the file until obtaining the permit

(See details in the shop)


What distinguishes us


We are able to adapt to you in order to make your life easier, whether it is through the availability of time slots accessible beyond normal business hours or by adding technological means adapted to your needs.


Our collaborators have many years of experience working under their ties in the field of law and business. You will be very well advised.


Our collaborators are lawyers who are members of the Bar du Quebec and business consultants, competent, committed and engaged to the practice of their profession.


Our collaborators are able to meet with you in person or by videoconference, regardless of where you live in Quebec.

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